Since 1922, Hot Dogs Are What We Do

A family-owned restaurant staple in Rensselaer, Troy and Cohoes, NY

Charlie's Famous Secret "Loved Right From the Beginning"!

Hot Dog Charlie's, known for its mini-hot dogs and special chili meat sauce, is a family business that goes back three generations. Hot Dog Charlie's which was first known as New Way Lunch, was started in 1922 by a Greek immigrant. For years, Hot Dog Charlie's has been loved by adults and children and today the same craving for this flavor in hot dogs continues to grow.

Back in 1922, before the health codes were placed, Strates served his mini dogs by lining up a dozen along the length of his arm to be dressed in mustard, onions, and Charlie's famous secrete chili meat sauce recipe, who many have tried to duplicate over the years with no success. Today, you'll still find photos and news stories of the famous "Hairy Arm" technique in newspapers that are posted on the walls f its three locations.

Thereafter, the first store was opened local customers and those that came from miles always to buy Charlie's mini hot dog for 5 cents started calling the Strates "Charlie'. Eventually, the business name was changed to Hot Dog Charlie's.

Today, Hot Dog Charlie's is run and operated by owners Charles Fentekes and Florence Dimitriadis. Presently, there are four locations, Clifton Park, Cohoes, Troy, and Rensselaer.

Have you tried our hot dogs yet? Come see what all the talk is about. We hope to see you at our local hot dog shop soon.

The fascinating history of hot dogs

Have you ever wondered how hot dogs became so popular? They actually got started when immigrants came to the United States in the 1800s. Many brought their favorite foods, which included a lot of sausages. In New York, two varieties really took off and started to sell in food carts around the city. Their popularity slowly spread to the rest of the country.

It wasn't until several decades later that buns were added to the franks, creating the hot dog we know today. Hot dogs officially became an American staple in 1939 and have remained that way ever since.

Stop by Hot Dot Charlie's in Rensselaer, Troy or Cohoes NY to check out our menu and taste a part of history.

There's never a bad reason to enjoy a hot dog

Hot dogs are a fun, fast and convenient food that people enjoy for all reasons. Hot Dog Charlie's is proud to be your go-to local hot dog shop for over 100 years. We serve up a tasty selection of mini hot dogs, hamburgers, cheese fries and milkshakes.
Looking for an excuse to stop by? You'll love taking home our hot dogs tonight because they're:

  • Customizable to everyone's liking
  • Nostalgic to eat and enjoy
  • Affordable, so you can load up for a low price

Plus, sometimes a guilty pleasure is just what you need

In the area or just passing through? Visit our family-owned restaurant today in Rensselaer, Troy and Cohoes NY. Don't forget to grab a few extras for later.

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